Sunshine strolls on the Llyn Peninsula

I’m currently sat in the sunshine about to indulge in a classic Saturday morning breakfast, bacon. But yesterday things didn’t seem quite so rosy.

After a long hard day of pounding the tarmac with Amy in moderately warm weather I was ready for a day of coastal bliss. Which naturally the path did not deliver.

Friday was a big day, one I was attempting to make even longer to make it the lifeboat station in Morfa Nefyn. But more on that later.

I started my day with a 15km trudge on amazon road. Tarmac taunting me with every step. Never again will I complain about having to drive down a bumpy grassy lane. Now I live for a grass lane. I popped into a beautiful church in Clynnog Fawr and in true Penfold style I walked straight into the middle of a communion service. I’d intended to go and have a poke after seeing a building so beautiful. But instead settled on listening to part of the surface.

Then returning to the pounding of pavements I set off onwards towards Trefor. An old university haunt. Picnics were had here. I’d dived the pier. Here is where I was very much interested in an Ex. Here is also where I’d found at another partner had cheated on me. Something about this history and connection to Trefor both comforted and unsettled me. I felt my resolve dissolve around me. My little walking world didn’t seem to fit any more. It was lunch time. I hadn’t walked half way. My bag was the heaviest it’s ever been and I had a couple of mountains to climb and everything just slumped.

After a bit of a pep talk I carried on and climbed my mountains in the blistering heat.

I reached Nant Gwyrthen and refilled my water and enjoyed the most spectacular views. But every step felt like a difficulty. After chatting all day a phone call from Callum led to a good cry and a bit more positivity. As soon as we hung up I got a lovely message from a lady called Sue. She had a bed for me for the night and a BBQ! I cried again. This time happy tears. I was so thankful for the help in my hour of need. It was the boost I needed.

Not long later I met with a couple who were walking the entire coast of the uk in sections. They’d made their way anti-clockwise from Kent! We walked all the way to Nefyn and chatted about Outward Bound. He was an alumni from the 60’s desperate to know about OB today. I told a story about Amy meeting up with a skills for life student on our walk accidentally the day before and he decided my name was Amy.

Soon I reached Nefyn. All was to be well and night of luxury and prosecco followed!

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