Sunshine, sand dunes and South Stack

I’ve reached the end of the my second week on the path and my eighth day on Anglesey. This past fortnight has been a complete whirlwind of emotions. From having a completely miserable time during my first week, suffering with my feet in the pouring rain whilst pounding the never ending stretches of tarmac to laughing and smiling in the sun on the sand this week on Anglesey.

Throughout my first week there were so many points where I was ready to give up. To give in and skulk back home with my tail between my legs. I’m so glad I didn’t. This last week especially on Anglesey has been brilliant. My feet are much better things are starting to work themselves out and I’m finding covering 20km upwards in a day easier and easier. Definitely not easy yet but certainly more than manageable. I’ve seen some beautiful stretches of coastline wonderful and varied. I’ve seen masses of seabird and a few cheeky seals. And I’ve met so many wonderful kind people whilst walking the path. It’s astounding how many people have donated money as I’ve walked; fed me cake and biscuits and generally been interested in what I’m up to. The kindness of those near to me and complete strangers means I’ve only had one night alone in my bivvy though a few more in my sleeping bag and I’ve rarely been without food.

The people who’ve walked with me on the path have been the most valuable. Putting the world to rights with Paul, listening to incredible tales of climbing days gone by with Pete and laughing and smiling till I could laugh no more with Callum. These people have lifted my spirit and given me a fresh resolve to carry on. Knowing I soon have people to walk with makes getting up each day a little easier.

I’m still worried and nervous about what the future on the path may hold but everyday I get more and more offers of help and support. I’m anxious about lonely life on the isolated Llyn Peninsula but certain it will all work out ok in the end. But for now here’s to sunshine, sand dunes and South Stack.

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