Adventure does not come to those who wait.

Today’s blog comes from the luxury of a rest day. After yesterday’s success and milestone of completing Anglesey, and with it my 10th consecutive day of walking since my last rest day today’s rest is well earned and perhaps a little overdue.

At this point I have walked 341km. At some points I painstakingly trudge through willing my feet to take one step after the other. But largely for Anglesey I enjoyed fantastic scenery, interesting walking and at some points fantastic company. A stark distance from the “North Wales” section of the path. Although the path took a turn for the slow taking 10 days to circumnavigate Anglesey opposer to the 9 originally planned that extra day was definitely worth it. That extra day was the time to meet the fantastic lifeboat crews around the island, the time to see a wonderful podiatrist at Moelfre Podiatry (whom I couldn’t recommend more, I know have fully tape free almost pain free feet!) and the time to have a wonderful lazy morning in bed on Sunday. Lazy Sunday mornings come highly recommended in particular.

I have managed to stay in all manner of bizzare and unusual places: an artists caravan; a cliff top bivvy; and a rather smelly bird hide topping the list. I couldn’t be more grateful to the friends and strangers alike that have shown me great kindness with beds in so many homes and so much food to keep me going.

With 341km behind me it’s time too look forward to the Llŷn Peninsula. A 10 day section that will most likely be my most remote section of the path. Here I am least likely to be joined by my friends and it looks unlikely that I’ll be sleeping anywhere other than my tarp for my duration of this section. But I’m looking forward to the relative remoteness of the Llŷn and the new challenges that will bring.

So to finish a few life lessons from the path:

  • Do not hear powdered milk in a jetboil. It will explode. Repeating a second time will confirm this.
  • If the sun is shining it is wise to remove the wrist straps from your walking poles. Otherwise you will have ridiculous hand tan lines.
  • Don’t leave a compeed on your little toe for a week and a bit. It will make you toe start to die. This is less than ideal.
  • A mug shot is not a meal no matter how much you try to kid yourself it is.
  • If you wish to loose half a stone and gain a tan walk from Chester to Bangor and then round Anglesey.
  • Don’t kick the pole in your tarp. You will get a tarp in your face at 3am. It isn’t pleasant.
  • Don’t forget to check for ticks. Enough said. It was bloody humongous.

Though she be but little she is fierce


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